Hats & Headbands

It's that time of year again. Autumn is around the corner. Time for cuddles and relaxation. What could be more beautiful than walking in the woods with a cuddly baby alpaca hat, matching cozy scarf and alpaca gloves, and maybe even wearing the matching cuffs?
The thermo-regulating properties of the alpaca fleece guarantee an incomparable feeling of wellbeing. Not itchy, not scratchy – only comfortably warm and still not too hot. We are particularly proud that, besides an excellent wearing comfort, we did not ignore the style aspect. The alpaca hats of our Abolengo alpaca collection are as versatile as we are. Our various hat styles come along with numerous patterns, great color combinations, or with an untreated elegance. Whether you prefer a stylish, classic, elegant, or a hipster look at Abolengo, there is a hat for every taste. Be it a sleek shopping trip in New York, a bitterly cold adventure trip to Canadian lakes, on a ferry in the North Sea, or a rainy, snowy journey to Paris, we can provide you with an alpaca hat to suit every activity and any occasion.
We will gladly create your favorite hat with our high-quality alpaca yarn. Either with plant-dyed colorful yarn or untreated one. By the way, there are 22 official color tones of alpacas. Beginning from white, passing from grey and brown tones into black. We can also merge a white yarn with a grey and beige one. In this way, many beautiful patterns arise.
Alpaca headband
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